Backdrop Kit

0 - 3 Days ₹ 700
4 - 6 Days ₹ 650
7+ Days ₹ 600


Backdrop Kit is a Port-A-Stand is a generous 8? wide and 12? high, meaning it can accommodate or fabric backgrounds up to 107? wide. Backdrop Kit is a perfect solution for shooting on any location with an unobtrusive matte black finish. It includes 1-3 photography backdrops with one photography stand and offers a wide range of backdrop kits including seamless paper kits, fabric backdrop kits and floor drop kits. The Backdrop Kit containing??black and white solid colour backdrops provide best photography background. Backdrops are pure muslin made of 100% cotton yarn in order to give the best quality and impressive colour effect to your photography.

Backdrop Kits are commonly used for portraiture, product photo shoots, fashion photography, personal interviews, passport photos, corporate ID photos, studio shoots, head shots etc.?Black, White & Gray Economy Backdrop Kits are apt for a small studio set up. It comes with three 8ft x 12ft polyester backgrounds, a lightweight background stand, and a complimentary carry bag. These are made from a wrinkle-resistant matte material, including a black backdrop that doesn't gray out even under direct light, a bright white backdrop for true, bright colors, and a charcoal gray backdrop with a matte finish that delivers a rich yet neutral background.


  • Stand - 2 no.
  • Clips - 7 no.
  • Top Bar
  • Cloth
  • Bag